Our very own cake wreplica!

Cake wreck ornament, Originally uploaded by pcorreia

Remember when I suggested that it would be amazing to have a replica made of our wedding cake wreck?

Well, our cousin Meg actually made us our very own wreplica ornament! Its accuracy is rather unbelievable-- the cracks, the lopsidedness, the unfinished decoration-- it's a perfect image of the disaster. (Clicking on the photos will bring you to their Flickr pages where you can view them larger-- the only way to fully appreciate the level of detail).

She created the cake as a Christmas ornament, but you better believe this baby is staying out and on display all year long.

Meg is amazingly crafty (she's the one that designed and helped assemble our wedding invitations), and she has a brand new craft blog. Check out her handiwork and tales of their creation over at Mega*Crafty. You'll want to add this blog to your Google reader, it's good stuff.
Photos by Patrick.


Meg@MegaCrafty said...

Awww...Thanks. I blush.

keys said...

What is it made of? And what's the scale - how big is it? The details are mind-blowing. Unbelievable!

Nicole said...

We need to take another photo with something next to it for scale-- that will be tonight's photo shoot! It's about the size of one's fist. Meg can answer the question about what it's made of-- I'm guessing Sculpey or some bakeable clay like that.

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

It's a polymer clay, sculpey brand. I think it's between 3-4 inches high.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely way to turn lemons into lemonade!

did you ever go back to the baker and ask what happened or get financial compensation?

in the grand scheme of things, it probably wasn't important, but i wonder if you would caution others about patronizing her.

Nicole said...

Nichole- The cake tasted great , so we didn't go after a full refund, but we did get the majority of our money back. After much back and forth, the baker admitted that there were structural problems from the start. Believe me, I have cautioned others and I wrote a couple of very honest reviews on wedding vendor websites.

We laughed about the whole thing on our wedding day and we obviously still do! The wedding industry takes everything so seriously! But really, it's just cake. I'm happy to say our marriage has a much stronger foundation!