New Years Goals

I'm not really one for New Years resolutions, but I find it's a good time for renewed commitments to goals already in progress.

Here they are, my 5 publishable, mostly in-progress, Goals as 2009 gets under way:

-Eat at the table more often than on the couch. We were doing really good at this for awhile and then fell off the wagon as various projects took over the table. Time to try again for meals at the table, with dinner music in the background and conversation in the foreground rather than TV front and center.

-Cook or bake a new recipe once a week. We've been working on cooking more, and since that's been going well I'm adding this goal in to the mix. Julia and Seth's Christmas gift to us was a subscription to Everyday Food, which will be a huge help in this goal. If you haven't seen this little magazine, check it out.

-Make exercise a regular part of my routine again. I was doing good up until the wedding, but since then I've been terribly inactive (and the scale proves it). The winter isn't so good for my regular favorites like biking and playing outside, but at the very least it's time to get back to yoga and weight training.

-Be more present at work. This is a constant struggle for me. My job is interesting and I enjoy it, but interpersonal issues often drag me down and leave me giving less than I should. I need to continue finding ways to feel more focused and invested, and to be involved with the community in which I work.

-Explore more. Lately I've been feeling a bit mired in the mundane. I love the cozy cocoon of our home, and it's often hard to leave, but I think just getting out and exploring our area more will help with the antsiness I've been feeling. I want to do more things like hiking the beautiful mountain range that's practically in our front yard, visiting nearby towns I haven't been to yet, going on photo expeditions, taking in more community events, checking out area parks, and just breaking out of the routine that is so easy to get settled into.

There's a traditional end of year survey I was doing for a number of years. I'm working on it and debating putting it up here. We'll see, it might be too boring or too personal or just too damn long.

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