Wreck Wreplica

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, will someone please make us a cake replica ornament for Christmas? I suppose some people might not want to be reminded of their wedding cake wreck, but I think it would be excellent! Every disastrous detail must be replicated so that we can hang it on our tree and tell the tale of The Cake for years to come.

On a similar note, I loved Aviatrix's suggestion in her comment on my previous post: "For your tenth wedding anniversary you should bring the photo of the wreck to a bakery and try to get them to recreate THAT."

My plan was that for some big anniversary down the line we'd go all out on an amazingly gorgeous cake, but I think I like her idea better. A perfectly replicated crack, perfectly unfinished decoration, and cardboard showing in precisely the same way. It's a plan!

Ok, this is the last cake post, the ornament was just too good not to mention.

photo courtesy of Etsy seller GorgeousRedhead

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