Another reason to binge on holiday cookies

I was up until 2:00 this morning attempting to put together a Blurb book of our wedding photos for our parents, who are chomping at the bit for actual physical copies of our photos and thus can't wait for the one that's coming from our photographers. We won't get the Blurb book in time for Christmas, but if I can manage to send it in tonight we might get it by the weekend after Christmas, which is acceptable, right?.

While Blurb's software is very user-friendly, the whole thing is taking for-ev-er. The high-res photos, plus a not-so-new computer have made the process painfully slow, which has made me grumpy.

I'm about to sit down for another many-many-hours of delight working on this thing, and I'm not stopping until it's done. Or until I'm rocking back and forth staring at the walls and muttering nonsensically.

Photo: one of our wedding photos by Upstate Photographers.

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