Cabin fever or spring fever or just a need for something new-- whatever it is I've been mighty restless lately. In addition to letting out the occasional "argh!", the antses in my pants have led me to:
  • Sign up for an art class. Starting in a couple weeks, Julia and I will be channeling our inner Van Goghs at Art Always. We're taking an eight-week course in which we'll have the chance to explore drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, fabric arts and who knows what else. Divine.

  • Write. I don't know what's been keeping me from this, but it's time to just do it, no matter how crappy it is. This project was a good jump start.
  • Daydream about volunteer vacations. Habitat for Humanity's Global Village program looks amazing. Not to mention the hundreds listed on Charity Channel. Reforesting, building schools, organic farming, trail preservation-- there are so many amazing opportunities out there. I'd love to do one of these with the husband.

  • Researching which bike to buy this spring. I am so done with my too-big, second-hand men's mountain bike and I've been promising myself a new one for years. I'm currently drooling over this baby (the one in the photo above). I can't wait to find out what it's like to ride a bike that's actually the right size for me. Here's hoping there will be some extremely good spring sales on bicycles...
Along with the change in seasons, I'm hopeful that a little daydreaming and an injection of creativity will help me get over this fidgety feeling. If not, it may be time to think bigger.

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Erin said...

Hey, did you happen to join Toasted Cheese today? :)