A Project a Week:: Week 5: Complete

Week: 5
Project: Patio sprucing
Status: Complete!

I love projects like this one.  After a couple hours of picking up/gathering supplies and planting, the patio looks awesome.

I picked up two new large planters ($12 a piece at Ocean State Job Lots! They have a good selection of garden stuff right now.) and cleaned up a couple more that were gathering dust in the garage.

I bought a bunch of plants, again from Honest Weight (great prices right now- I spent less than $20 on enough plants for four planters plus the border of the garden.) I ended up with four new planters brimming with flowers and plants, plus a newly-planted border along the garden side.  Quite a bit of impact for under $50 and a couple hours time.

I love looking out the back door and seeing the colorful planters and welcoming patio.

I forgot to take a shot of the whole patio (before or after), so you'll have to believe me that it spruced up well. It's a nice spot for our family to eat dinner together every night, and it certainly makes me feel good.

In other yard news, the raised bed garden is coming along nicely. There are baby tomatoes, the peas are climbing the trellis, and the calendula and zinnias have buds. We only got a handful of strawberries before the creatures of the yard got to them, despite the bird netting- oh well, it was worth a shot.

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