Things I'll Miss about the Valley

  • The mountains. Small but pretty, different every day, visible almost anywhere you go-- including from our apartment. I'll miss hiking and driving up these mountains, and watching them change with the seasons.
  • The restaurants. India House. Sierra Grill. Amy's Place. Apollo. Sunrise. Mount Tom's ice cream. I could go on and on.
  • And on the topic of food: Trader Joe's. It's going to be so very hard to adjust to living far from TJs.
  • The bike trails, oh the bike trails.
  • The laid back, work to live, happy vibes.
  • My Girl Scout troop.
  • Walking to work through charming Easthampton.
  • Berkshire Brewing Company's Steel Rail extra pale ale.
  • Working on a beautiful campus in a beautiful building with great people.

  • Our CSA farmshare, in which the farm was a 1/2 mile from our house, and picking up our share involved a weekly trip to the farm, picking flowers and herbs and raspberries, and seeing nearly everyone we know.
  • The running trails along the Mill River, through the woods, past farmland and community gardens. My running buddy.
  • Webs! (Although after packing up my yarn stash, it's clear I need to stay away from any yarn stores for a long, long while.)
  • Strolling Main St., Northampton
  • The potlucks
  • Trivia, and the Plunder Cats

(I reserve the right to add to this list as more comes up, which it will.)

  • The RMVs, which are generally pleasant, and a "long wait" is 15 minutes. And people still complain! They have no idea. I'm not ready to re-experience the Albany DMV hell.

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