Hearts to you

My plan was to crochet oodles of these hearts and send them to everyone I know (seriously, I love Valentine's Day!). Right... I made 3 1/2 before I ran out of yarn and time, and there are more then 3 1/2 people I was hoping to shower with hearts. For now, I'll share the photo instead.

Happy day!


Meg said...

ohhh so cute! I wish I knew how to crochet, I like how these come out way better than the knit ones I have a pattern for.

If you want some red yarn I have a bunch in the stash. (sealed away in storage bins, well away from my current flu-ish germs.)

Bee said...

those are so cute nikki! i hope you had a fun VDAY. We like Valentine's day and typically never "go out," but make it a point to stay in and play games and cook a nice meal or this year order pizza! I'm partial to VDAY though because I also love the color pink ;) ~ love brooke
ps-miss you both!