Urban Outfitters vs. Faces

In case we needed another reason to support our locally-owned (and loved) Faces over the new Urban Outfitters on Main Street, Northampton-- Julia sent over this New York Magazine article about Urban Outfitters' pulling an 'I Support Same Sex Marriage' t-shirt from their shelves.

"Printed T-shirts are a staple item for Urban Outfitters, but in a rare move, the company yanked one from their California shelves last week. Tara Littman of Support Shirts designed the shirt in question, which features the statement "I Support Same Sex Marriage," clearly a hot-button item in the Proposition 8 state. Less than a week after it first arrived in stores and online, the shirt was gone."

The page linked to above links to some other articles on the same topic.

Something tells me Northampton won't like that attitude very much.

photo by me, the Faces window display last December.

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Irishker said...

i still can't believe they are coming to Northampton. What a joke. I hope the teen population doesn't support them...